299 days ago
Markus Oberthaler

QSimFP QBH Seminar: Quantum field simulator for dynamics in curved spacetime

"In this seminar I will introduce the capabilities of ultracold gases to address fundamental questions in quantum field theory. I will introduce the experimental capabilities in preparation and detection of quantum fields in atomic gases. A special focus will be on our latest result on the implementation of curved spacetime for a scalar massless quantum field. We have shown that positive as well as negative curvature can be experimentally realized and can be dialed in as needed. We also used the experiment/simulator to reveal particle production in an accelerating, decelerating and constantly expanding spacetime. Employing Sakharov oscillations for detecting the production of excitations opens a window to add to the power spectrum also phase information about the excitations."

Markus Oberthaler is a professor, chair of experimental physics at Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics,Heidelberg University. His main research fields are Quantum Entanglement in many particle systems and quantum simulation, precision experiment testing quantum field theory, quantum metrology, immersed quantum systems, universal physics far from equilibrium and connection to high energy physics, environmental physics and dating of water and ice with Argon Trap Trace Analysis (ATTA).

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