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Ian Moss

QSimFP FVD Seminar: False vacuum decay in an ultracold spin-1 Bose gas

After some background on first order transitions in the early universe
I’ll describe a new physical system that might be used as a
laboratory analogue. The system is based on a spin 1 Bose gas
with Raman and RF induced interactions. It does not require
the Feshbach resonance and modulated interactions
of previous proposals. Based on work by Ian Moss, Tom Billam
and Kate Brown.

Ian Moss is Professor of Theoretical Cosmology at Newcastle University.
He has been been researching early universe phase transitions for what
seems like forever and he is half of the Hawking-Moss instanton.

The seminar will last 1 hour including Q&A and be held at 3.00pm UK Time/10.00am Toronto Time.

This seminar will be held on Zoom.
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